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I'd love to be able to clean my home Heat/AC vents. Any suggestions?

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Are you looking to clean the grill that covers the ductwork or beyond that into the actual ductwork? The outside grill is usually just attached by screws and easily removed if it hasn't been painted over. If it's been painted over you'll want to use a utility knife to score along the edges. Then you can vacuum them and wash with a mild detergent and air dry. Once that's off you can use your vacuum to get up the stuff that's accumulated inside. The intake to our furnace is easily accessible and I vacuum the area at least twice a year to cut down on the dust in the house. (I remember to do this when I vacuum the coils behind the fridge.Wink)For a more thorough cleaning of your ductwork I would hire a professional as getting further into the ducts than my vacuum can reach is out of the question for me. Good luck!

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