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How to make a homemade syringe?

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Okay, first you want to make sure your hands are clean and sterile.


1. 6-8 foot rope

2. a barbershop razor

3. a milke crate

4. a potatoe Sack

5. tie a neuce at the end of the 6-8 foot rope and put it round your neck

6. find a sterdy beam or rafter to tie the rope to

7. proceed to put the potatoe sack on your head

8. step onto the milk crate

9. say your prayers

10. kick the milkcrate out from under yourself


That's basically what you do, because making a homeade syringe and killing yourself, are one in the same. Hope I was of some help to you! Good luck.

*Important Notice*

Just incase you have failed at making your homeade syringe, backtrack to- Step 2. , with the item in one hand, hold out your other arm, palm-side up, trace a line from your wrist towards the crease of your elbow with said item.

That should do the trick.



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