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If it's a dinner party that is not going to run late, I would say a Wednesday or a Thursday evening. If it's a party that you feel is going to run late and involves a bit of alcohol, I would say either a Friday or a Saturday.

Personally, I'd say host a home party on the weekend. Most people tend to have weekends off work and are available for a little social gathering involving direct sales. But it also depends on the people you want to invite and what they do for a living. Some people work only on weekends, some people don't stay in town on weekends, etc etc. I'm an Independent Consultant for Norwex and have found that weekends are the best for most of my customers

friday b/c that begins the true weekend ...  look for great party ideas at



I would say Thursdays and Fridays because its the tailend of the week and people are not rushing as they would on a Monday. And if you do it on a Friday, you can also stay as late as you like.

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Friday and Saturday's. People may be tired on Friday,but most people don't want to be tired on a Monday.

Your direction,not your intention,determines your destination

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