Replace shower wall and tile

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Can I use self stick floor tiles on walls (plywood substrate)

It can be done, BUT self adhesive tiles are usually of low quality and it doesn't take long before the corners start to curl.

Where can I purchase plastic wall tiles in the US?

Plastic tiles are pretty much a thing of the past. Go with ceramic, you won't regret it. Plastic cracks and doesn't adhere like ceramic. I'm redoing one of my bathrooms right now and I would'nt think of putting plastic back up.

Ceramic tile, In a tub shower surround should cement board be used or

You can use waterproof drywall, but make sure that it is not Chinese drywall. Chinese drywall is causing a serious problem for homeowners across the United states. And also it is difficult to decide about Chinese drywall presence.

Seal in shower

Sounds like it was NOT properly installed. If it's all tiled, there should be NO caulk, only grout. Properly installed grout will not get wet and bubble up. If he has used caulk at this joint, you need to remove it all. Clean with a caulk remover ( Home Depot) . Then re-grout it, (or get a ...