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How can I stop my garbage disposal from smelling ...

How can I stop my garbage disposal from smelling bad? I've tried baking soda, bleach, citrus fruits, & everything else I could think of. Please help me.

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Have you tried the special stuff made for drains, like drain-o?  Try going to Home Depot and ask them what drain cleaners they have. 

Don't put drain cleaners through your disposal: they are caustic and will corrode - even those with stainless steel blades and plates will not be helped by drain cleaners. First, how long has it been smelling ? How long has the disposal been installed ? Are you sure it is the disposal that is the SOURCE of the odor ? (check to see that there is a trap between your disposal and the sewer drain). Do you run a steady stream of water through the disposal when it is operating and then continue running the water for a short time afterwards ? Do you ever let stuff accumulate before running the disposal ?

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