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How to tell if a spindle bearing is bad on a mower ...

How to tell if a spindle bearing is bad on a mower deck.  I spun the three spindles by hand.  Two of them went a few turns and stopped.  the one in the middle spun much longer before it stopped.  I am thinking the middle one might be bad.  They do not make any noises and there is no wobble.  The belts just snap after the deck is ran for a while.

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deck spindle health
Do they spin freely? If not, then they are bad. Are they loud? If they make a lot of noise, then they are bad. Do they get super hot? If so then they are bad.
Does the deck make noise?? See if there is any play in them. Thats about it. if they spin free, are quite, and no play.. your good to go!

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It appears that the center spindle needs to be repacked with grease.   Turn each spindle slowly with your finger and see if there is any rough spot(s) when you turn it. If you have a bad bearing you should be able to feel it. If not just repack the center with grease.....


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