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Can you use a combination red/blue LED grow light ...

Can you use a combination red/blue LED grow light from the time you plant your seeds until you replant your seedlings, or is it best to use blue light for the young seedlings and then switch to red light to develop their leaves for healthy transplants for the garden

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i have always started my garden plants inside with a regular grow light as the plants grow I move the light higher. I produced some pretty good veg.

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I've been using a combination red/blue light (both fluorescent and LED) for years to start my seedlings and they grow just fine.  The most important thing is to keep the seedlings VERY close to the light (without touching it) in order to keep them from getting leggy.  I start enough tomatoes to selll the plants and they're alway strong and healthy.  I also start lettuce, eggplant and peppers with great results.

sure, why not, Blue is good for vegetatives and red is good for flowering and budding, Red, Blue, Orange and White mixed together provide exact spectrum for plant growth. more info could be found at: www.ledgrowlight-hydro.com

No as both are different.

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