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RealSimpleOffer.com The Container Store has made an offer of a 3-mo. sub. to Real Simple mag. Could not find a way to get anything but a 12-month sub. [not free]. erussell8311@aol.com

I just helped my mother with the same problem. First, don't go to the Real Simple website. Look on the bottom of the Container Store promotion receipt and find the web address www.realsimpleoffer.com. Go to that exact website and type in your promo code in the appropriate space. Make sure to use upper case letters if necessary and add the dashes. Then you should be all set. It probably helps that I'm also an employee at the Container Store. Best of luck!

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My reciept for purchasing products at The Container store stated I could receive 6 months of Real Simple for just $5.00. Its a special Holiday offer. I have had a previous subscription to Real Simple--and loved it. I accept your $5.00 offer. When will it start?

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