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Can you wash a garment made of 100% rayon by hand even though the label says dry clean only?

Undecidedcan you wash a garment made of 100% rayon by hand even though the label says dry clean only?

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I would say yes.........read the label to see if it says anything other than 'dry clean only'..it probably doesn't, but check anyway....

I had a sweater that said dry clean only but I turned it inside out and put it in the wash with the rest of my laundry.....I put it in the dryer, by itself, and checked it after 5 minutes and it was slightly damp. I timed it for 5 more minutes, and it came out perfect.......

So if you wash this garment by hand, make sure you use a gentle detergent; not regular laundry soap......use something like Woolilte (but, again, see if the box recommends using it on rayon!!).......maybe you could even try using regular shampoo to wash it.

It's important when hand washing that you do not wring the garment out during the washing process.....I'd guess it's safe to say that you want to treat the garment very carefully!!

When you wash and rinse, use warm, not hot water; again, I"m only guessing about this, but it's the safest alternative to really hot water...

When you rinse, put it in a sink ful of warm water, and swish it around; then keep gently squeezing the garment to get rid of suds; again, NEVER WRING a garment of this type......

and that's what I'd do.......I hate dry cleaning stuff!!!!

good luck and have fun with it...........

What you think about you bring about!!!

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