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can you actually do well with a career in avon?

My wife did very well selling avon

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Thanks for your come back carl I, am going to be starting thursday.




The key with Avon is good customer service and here's a great tip, on high selling items like Bug Spray, make-up,sun screen,skin care, etc, you will get the fill of it when you start ,anyway keep you a inventory or stock of high selling items(the basics) at home so when a customer wants the item you already have in your car or at your house that's a instant sell no waiting for a week and 85% of the time that customer will brag on you and bring you more customers because they Will not have to wait  a week or two.

Here's another one you may have to buy them too keep plenty and a variety of samples , here's why you may give someone a sample of make-up and they love,but you may have to order that make-up and its scheduled to get to you in 1 1/2 weeks instead of your customer waiting you give them just enough samples to last until their make-up arrives, then you have a happy customer.

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