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Many of you knew it was me all along.

Hi, . I use to post on here as Kid. I now am here bothering people posting under anonymous and trying to pretend I didn't fuck a donkey. You all knew it was me all along. I had to ...
  Posted 17 hours ago .


Democrats say women should be . . ..

barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. The surely fear that Republican women have free run of the House . . . and the Senate. Is that why they flee in terror of the finest ...
  Posted 1 day ago .


An open letter to a whiny Democrat.

Get over it. The people have spoken. The Republicans won and you must deal with reality. The Republicans tolerated you and your tombstone election. Republicans didn't use ...
  Posted 8 hours ago .


Greatbear215 did you hear the GREAT NEWS!!!!!!

The GOPee on you picked up seats in the Senate and Congress!!!!! Governorship too. Ahahahahahaahahahhahahahahaha I heard your posts were the most single factor on why people ...
  Posted 16 hours ago .


You gotta wonder about leftists.

I asked a few questions about metal fabrication and got (count 'em) 77 leftist screaming sessions to support Obama, (100 or more in the last week). 90 Accusations that I am a ...
  Posted 9 days ago .