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WE have a home that was built in 1997.The two up ...

WE have a home that was built in 1997.The two up stairs windows are crank style the hardware on the bottom has rusted out and needs to be replaced.The only marking I can fine said truth.How can I find out who made these?

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Have you considered just getting replacement windows? These days they can fit any size window and they are more energy efficient. And I bet they wouldn't cost much more than fixing the old ones.

P.S. If there was a rust issue, you probably have an underlying moisture problem.

Truth is the manufacturer of the hardware .. It isn't necessary to replace the window..  Strybuc Industries carries replacement parts for Truth..Reach them at 800-352-0800 (Phila.Pa.)  or  800-780-5051 (Miami) or www.strybuc.com They will direct you to a local dealer who will be able to help you.


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