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Home-based jobs rates and working hours

Are home-based jobs also covered by the Minimum Wage Law? How much should a home-based virtual assistant be paid per hour and how many hours should he/she work per week?

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Yes, like a house keeper, and don't forget taxes too. My Brother-in-law was always very generous with who ever worked..


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I always hear this question, as if working at home were one job in itself. Work at home is available just as it is outside of the home. Pay completely depends on the field you get into, the experience and education you have, etc. Another big factor is whether you are working as an independent contractor or an employee. Freelancing is usually paid based on the assignment, and some are low paying. Home jobs, like customer service jobs at home usually pay between $8.00 to $12.00 per hour. To find out more, go to http://allstayathome.com

Cool questions! There are lots of factors that affects the rates of VA. Virtual Assistant rates depends on her/his skills, ie, writing article, SEO, Web designers etc. The hours also depends in how long would the job takes? Most companies hires VA outside USA or UK because of conversion rates although the outcome is just the same as hiring VA inside the states...the only problem was the communication because some of them specially Indians are not that good in speaking english. I do not generalized but most of them. I'm sorry to say this to my fellow freelancers from India but all of them are really good. :)

yes virtual assistant can do hourly work and earn good money please visit this blog for full detail



I am not but I guess each companies different amounts. I work from home and enjoy what I do. Send me an email and I can give you more information. It is fun there is no cold calling or inventory to worry about. You can work any hours or days you want. The company is located in Florida an been around since 1998. I worked an hour and made over $50.00. If you like more information just email me at workathomewtam@aol.com

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