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Holmes: a sign of things to come. James Holmes was an "occupier" by his repeated boasts. He said that his main regret was that he didn't kill ...

terrnace you bring up frightening things
i only wish they were not true
holmes is indeed an occupier
ready to lay down his life for a misguided leftist cause
occupiers resort to violence preferentially
they think molotov cocktails are something to drink
maybe they do the way they act
drinking gasoline is not healthy
neither is trying to topple America with violent opposition

honesty and beauty make us human. what you hide today will be displayed tomorrow.
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Rocmike another sad lonely day and night of posting under your aliases. Today's posters are Bernard McCaunahy, Joyce Peller, Anonymous and Tweek who's still posting. May I suggest you get some sleep because you have another exciting day of doing the same thing and repeating the same crap over and over. Going to old questions and answers no one has been on in months.. Have you decided which aliases you are going to use? GET A LIFE

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