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Mynde sculp - I have purchased 2 pictures. Both ...

mynde sculp - I have purchased 2 pictures. Both have plate numbers and page numbers.  It is a palm tree with coconuts at the top. One states "to her Royal Highnes, "The Princess of Wales This Plate is humbly inscrib'd and has a seal below it of &c.  It also has a colorful seal with and crown on the top of gold and red velvet.  it looks as thought this is plate 3 page 107. 

The other picture has a palm tree, only different type of palm, has a seal with a red velvet crown and 2 lions on both sides.  I do not understand what the insingnia says and is oval in the middle (light blue).  It states Plate 15 page 181 and inscribed "To His most seren Highnefs, The Prince of Helse, This Plate is humbly Inscrib'd &c,  The author at the left bottom is J. D. Ehret.delin & Sculp

Can you give me an idea of what these pictures are or represent?


Sandy Burton 

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I can answer the second part of your question.  As it happens, I have a print of this very botanical plate, framed and hanging in my home.  This one (Plate 15, page 181) is a representation of the female Papaya Palm.  Botanical plates (as well as any other scientific plates) were not produced for art, even though they can be beautiful.  They were, at the time, the best means of making an accurate scientific representation.  

I'd have to see the other plate you have to determine what it is depicting.

Hope this much helps!


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