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How did the Church of England begin

How did the Church of England begin




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You can begin by going back to the time of Henry VIII and his break with the Roman Catholic Church after having previously been proclaimed the "Protector of the Faith" in 1521 by the Pope.  The Church is a byproduct of the Protestant Reformation that Martin Luther is credited for beginning circa 1517.  I hope this helps. 


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The Church in England originated in an upper room in Jerusalem in 37AD, (give or take a few years.) It was in Britain, within a very short time after the death of Christ  according to the early church fathers. Some say it was brought by the Brother of Christ, the Disciple, S. Simon Zelote, who many claim to have been martyred here.  Britain was the earliest place in Europe to have a Church, with Aristobulos, the friend of S.Paul, as the First Bishop. 

This early manifestation of the Body of Christ in Britain is shown clearly by the activities of her Bishops within the Councils of the early church such as Nicea and others. 

Henry didn't break with the Catholic Church, it was the Bishop of Rome who took umbrage at the statement of the Church in england when Convocation re stated the old Catholic Canon that No Bishop has any authority without his own see, which is perfectly true. This was England taking sides in an old struggle and choosing to hold to the teachings of the early church , rather than accept additions to scripture and revelation.  It was in 1570 when the Roman Catholic Church chose to raise schismatical altars in England when the Curch and people refused to accept the Papal Interference in English politics.

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