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A hint of truth from Scripps Institute of Research biologist, Gerald Joyce ? "Until another truly alien form of life is created or discovered, it's impossible to make a meaningful estimate of how ...

Why do planets HAVE to have life on them, Harley ?   

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Given the probable number of life supporting planets, divided by the probability of life. Be it fungus or "little green men". The chances of life other then here, within this Galaxy alone is really quite high. According to the Sagan formula.


If it can be demonstrated that life can form under some known natural conditions, I would agree with you. But you are putting the cart before the horse, Andy.

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Jim isn't one of Rocmites allies.
Jim is a reasonable person who can debate without rambling on about the absolute immorality of atheism.
And, BTW, thank you for that Jim


Thank you, Andy. For vouching for me !

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