Should Hillary Clinton run for mayor of NYC?

Should Hillary Clinton run for mayor of NYC? Getty ImagesShould Hillary Clinton run for mayor of NYC?

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She blew it out her fat cuckold butt as Secretary of State.  What makes you think she is fit for duty as Mayor of NYC?

Oh, I'm sorry.  She is a racist hatemonger and her ex husband Bill is a member of the Klan.

That is all any Democrat wants in a public official.

Why not run for the Knesset?

She kisses enough Jewish arse.

Hillary Clinton vs Christine Quinn... I'd vote for Hillary in a heartbeat. Christine Quinn is a piece of garbage, especially when she and Bloomberg reversed the 2 term limit, just like a dictator would to benefit themselves.


Yah I don't know - Thats an awful god damn hard answer to give by most but its not for me.


Its to bad they lost their message boards, there was a lot of rich info that was offerd by some on there concerning politics, to the point I would sound more like a fantic if I answerd either way now.


So I think I'll just play it safe - I don't know.


Man that place rocked with the info you could get on there and probably one the reasons they lost it.

I don't talk nasty, I'M an un-confermed preordained minister of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.


Uncola for short. An 7up bottle must have fell from the sky and landed on your head.

She doesn't need to be the mayor of NY to be the next president . She's already been a first lady eight years and her present position puts her light years above from any republican presidential contender .

Hilary is qualified to lead the city of New York so she should by all means run.

It is high time that we have a female mayor for the greatest city on earth!

Hillary and Bill Clinton are idiots: no wonder these turds attract Democrats and flies. 

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