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Hijacked e-mail account

I have two personal friends who have had their aol e-mail accounts hijacked.  I am receiving .php files and clickable links ending in .exe.  When she tried to contact aol they told her that they cannot do anything since it was a free account which is BS.  I can alos see that these e-mails are going out to people in their address book.  I can provide both e-mail addresses apon request if needed.  I have also contacted my internet provider which obviously will have more muscle.
thank you

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Make sure you have antivirus protection on your PC. (If you have not installed any antivirus software, go tosafety.aol.com to find the latest McAfee software provided by AOL).

· Ensure that your antivirus software is up-to-date.

· Run a complete scan of your computer using your antivirus software.

· Change your AOL password at password.aol.com. Remember, strong passwords are a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g., @, #, and &).

· Review your ?Away Messages? for both your AOL Mail and Instant Messages to ensure that they have not been modified to include spam or other inappropriate content. Please check the articles listed under Related Articles for instructions to set your Away Message for both your AOL Mail and Instant Messages.

· Review your ?signatures? for AOL Mail, message board posts, and comments to ensure that they have not been modified to include spam or other inappropriate content. Please check the articles listed under Related Articles for instructions to set your signature for AOL Mail and Message Boards.

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MY AOL account has been hacked into also....free acct too.. people are getting pissed off at me ..!!! I blocked it and told all to do the same..... AOL is the easiest email to hack according to a techie friend of mine

ok obviously you didn't read what I wrote: 

Make sure you have antivirus protection on your PC.-----I dont have the virus

· Ensure that your antivirus software is up-to-date.----NOTHING to do with my PC

· Run a complete scan of your computer using your antivirus software.---Nothing to d owith my problem

· Change your AOL password at password.aol.com.---I am PRETTY SURE she is not able to log in to her e-mail because someone changed the PW or she had canceled the e-mail account.

· Review your ?Away Messages? ----This has NOTHING to do with AIM, or ANY type of away message

· Review your ?signatures? for AOL Mail, ---WHAT?  Again NOTHING to do with what the problem is

Hey but thanks A LOT for the GREAT help

Same thing has happened to me.  AOL won't help.  They suck! I have deleted my contacts, and am now using another email service.  I set up my AOL account so long ago I don't remember remember either of the answers I would need to change my password.  Obviously AOL doesn't really care if they are spamming the World! except if you are a paying account!  AND the fact that I paid them for 15 years previously doesn't matter.

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