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Who is your favorite artist?

Do you have a favorite artist?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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  • 106 answers
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Do you enjoy going to Shakespeare's plays?

Do you see Shakespeare's plays when you have a chance, or did you give that up after high school?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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  • 43 answers
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Are you an Elton John fan?

Have you seen the play Billy Elliot?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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  • 62 answers
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Are Maple Trees Going Extinct?

Will real Maple syrup become a thing of the past?
  Posted 3 years ago .
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  • 23 answers
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Is nuclear power safe?

Do you think other countries will follow Germany's lead and disable their nuclear power?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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  • 84 answers
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