How do we get High Schools to Teach Evolution?

What can I do about the local high school which claims that they don't teach evolution because it would be too difficult for the students? Seems like a cover-up of pastors who want the students to learn Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark stories rather than science. No wonder the schools have high drop out rates and the polls show that people don't know the origin of humans comes from evolution over millions of years just like the cosmos evolved over billions of years. The world and humans do not have an origin of magical creation by god saying the words. How can we assure science is properly taught in high schools? Teachers--I need your help!

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Welcome back. And let me immediately take you to task. I know of no public schools that do not teach evolution.

You state that teachng the reality of evolution should be easy. I, myself, am unaware of any hard data to support the theory of evolution. Perhaps you would be so kind as the present of of this for those of us who are just not aware of the data.


I wish you well.



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Your kidding, right? My granddaughter's school books are loaded with evolution teachings...

A large part of the problem lies in people having been taught the wrong "Christianity". The Old Testament was never written to be taken literally, but spiritually. The New Testament make that abundantly clear. Kind of like stories to explain the unexplainable to those who do not have the capacity to otherwise understand the mysteries of this world and its relationship with God. And the Roman church has so distorted Jesus' teachings that about the only teaching that has survived is "Love thy neighbor" and "Love God" and tell me if you know anyone who loves all his/her neighbors?

True Christianity has no conflict with evolution and evolution has no conflict with true Christianity - the Bible says several time that one year is like a thousand years to God, meaning that time is relative - remind you of Einstein? Even he believed in God. After all, what caused the "Big Bang" to go boom?

So to answer your question, maybe the best place to start is to teach the history of Christianity as apposed to religion. "Relegion is for people who believe in hell, Spirituality is for people who have been there" - Tell me who in this world hasn't been in hell?

If there were any scientific case to support either atheism or the evolution hoax, then atheists would not be utterly consumed with getting their way, and could probably calm down to the point of respectability.  That is not going to happen.

Like all irrational cults, the atheist cult is absolutely fanatical.  Physicalist has proved that atheists are always wired on hate and that is  why they must always use hate to get their way.  That explains why atheists always persecute whom they hate.  That is why atheists always cheer on death, torture, and malice because atheism is as evil  as the uneducated bigots in it.

Oh, well, atheists serve only as objects of ridicule so there is no reason not to humor them awhile, and then with quiet dignity and grace continue proving that all atheists are always absolutely wrong.

It is never difficult to do that but atheists are not very bright, hence they will buy any dim bulb hoax like the Piltdown Man and evolution.  That only proves why we don't want them around.  Atheists may be the least intelligent cult on the planet but that does not excuse their lack of learning.

Pity atheists but do not sympathize with them.  These ignorant (hence faithless) backwoods derelicts are just not worthy of an intelligent discussion.

There burns no hotter fire in hell than that reserved for cowards, home wreckers, and troublemakers. Be warned accordingly.

Dear Physicalist,

Simply explain to them that the following is not at all confusing:

"may have been," "is supposed to," perhaps," "If we suppose," "may still be," 'it is probable," "will generally tend," "may" "will generally tend," 'If," 'if...assumed," "supposed," "supposed," "probably," "It seems, therefore, extremely probable," and "We may suppose." ( Charles Darwin: On the Origin of Species )

Also, the essence of a theory is to be disproved & therefore can never be proven.  Yet Evolution( dictionary definition: Theory ) is accepted as fact.

Anyone can understand that an unproven fact can still be a fact can't they ? 

Well if they believe that then they should have no problem with the following:

First there was nothing, then it expanded when nothing acted upon it( defying the laws of Physics ) !

Present this to them and you should have no problem at all !

'Every day is a gift from GOD, that is why it is called the Present' !

Nothing from something is now getting to be explained. We may soon create something from nothing in a lab some day. Evolution is a fact that is theoretical because it has a pattern of facts that establish it as true. The evidence hangs together without contradiction. In comparison, creationism is just a tale. No one with any education in religion including the Pope would be so embarrassed to claim they do not believe in evolution. You would seem like a doofus.

Extraordinarily claims require extraordinary evidence. The god hypothesis has failed for lack of evidence.. Public policy should be informed by science and pragmatism rather than theology and religious dogma.

"Nothing from something is now getting to be explained. We may soon create something from nothing in a lab some day."

Yeh right !  And in the process defy the laws of Thermodynamics !


"Evolution is a fact that is theoritical"....

According to the dictionary; evolution is THEORY !

The very basis of a 'Scientific Theory', is that it is ultimately falsifiable( unproveable ).
Therefore, according to the laws of Science, NOTHING can prove the Theory of evolution, regardless of the pattern of so-called facts !

'Every day is a gift from GOD, that is why it is called the Present' !

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