Which High School should I go to? Plz help me!

I need help!!!! I have a twin and next year we're going to high school! and my sister want to go to Hacker Highs because of the Orchestra has it. But I want to go to another high school because most of my friends go there. But also my parents don't feel friends are so "important" so they think that friends is not strong enough for my decision. And I want to go to one school because it would be easier for my parents to take us to one school than going to two different school.But I also feel that I have to choose and my sister doesn't like if my parents want me to make it difficult for me to go to Highs!

But my sister understand my opinion of why I want to go to Ellison and I understand hers. And if I go to Highs then I should star again and make new friends. And my sister say if she goes to Ellison then she will find a tutor or someone that would teach her more Violin in her level.

plz help what should I do Undecided

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Actually...you may not have a choice.  You have to go to the School in the district you live in.  I know the schools you are talking about.  I used to substitute teach at them.  Harker Heights is a much bigger high school than Ellison.  My daughter would have gone to Harker Heights if we still lived in Harker Heights, TX...but we're in Alabama now.  Personally speaking...I loved subbing at Ellison High School and the kids there seemed so much happier than the kids at Harker Heights.  Have your parents check into which highschool is in your local school district...because like I said...you may not have a choice.  I wish you both the best of luck...and whichever one you choose...or whichever one you go to...make the most of it and be happy, Honey.  You will be popular anywhere you go...just smile, be happy and kind to everyone you meet.  They'll love you. 

Good Luck, Baby.


Faye Kiss

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I agree with SKM. I do not believe that you have a choice. School districts are clearly drawn.

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In California, students can attend any of the high schools for their school district, if there is room.  There are magnet schools for music, for example, that have students from the whole district.  Transportation may be left to the student (or their parents).  In a small district, there might be only one high school.  There are inter-district transfers allowed if both districts consent.

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