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Cost of surgery to repair hiatal hernia using Medicare and a supplement insurance

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The cost of the surgery depends on what the physician's fees are; the hospital fees; anesthesiologist's fees; physician assistant fees; drugs administered; blood products used if any; length of hospital admissions time; use of non covered services such as phone and tv. And, the cost of any other services may add to total cost. It is very difficult to pre-determine the cost of a surgical procedure without having all the variables. Generally a procedure approved by Medicare is covered up to 80% and 20% would be your responsibility. That is if your annual deductible is paid for the current year. Supplemental insurance varies from one company to another. What is covered by one company may not be covered by another. You should inquire with your insurance company what they will cover and at what rate. Be sure you know how to file a claim with them also. If you need help with this you should arrange in advance for someone to help you if you know for sure when the procedure will be done. Hope you find this information is useful.

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