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Hey everyone,  I posted this lovely cartoon for jkgrandma who is AKA fighter.  You know, the one who got thrown off 3 times in the last 2 months for being stupid, and has the nerve to come back and make a 4th AKA fighter account.  Here is the cartoon:


Now all of a sudden Jada who is Trollsbane432 and Markie Fuckie decides to copy my cartoon and post it online.  The twit isn't smart enough to find her own fun cartoons.  She must still be overhung.  Oh well.  Here is a new cartoon for you Jada.  I know you will just love this one:


middle finger Image


This is another lovely photo for AKA fighter aka jkgrandma.  I see your cat got into your undies again.  You really must do something about that cat.


Feel free to print these lovely photos and hang them on the ceiling in your bedroom.  Enjoy!Laughing


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