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He's not that into you

Thanks for answering my question, there is one more makes me wondering, if he doesn't really likes me then why did he accept my offering to watch a movie only with me?

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There are several possible reasons: Does not want to hurt you, he is polite, wants to behave like a gentleman, he doesn't want to be rude, he wants to be friendly, he simply wants to see the movie, he wants to give it (being with you) a chance, he is board and has nothing better to do, he does not know to say "no".....  I am sure there are many more possible reasons.

Love is the battery of life....

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Thank you

Letting it go is easier than never let it go, trust me ^-^

You know ordinary friends can watch a movie together.

Honey, watching movie together can't prove anything.

he doesnt know how to refuse u

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