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What herbs boost adiponectin levels?

what herbs boost  adiponectin   levels?

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"...Radix Astragali, the dried root of Astragalus membranaceus Bubge or Astragalus membranaceus Bunge var mongholicus (Bunge) Hsiao..."

according to

Selective Elevation of Adiponectin Production by the Natural Compounds Derived from a Medicinal Herb Alleviates Insulin Resistance and Glucose Intolerance in Obese Mice

Aimin Xu, Hongbing Wang, Ruby L. C. Hoo, Gary Sweeney, Paul. M. Vanhoutte, Yu Wang, Donghai Wu, Wenjing Chu, Guowei Qin, and Karen S. L. Lam


retrieved 10 July 2011 from,



from librarian,

Melissa V. Rentchler, MLIS, M.Ed.

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