Herbalife - yes or no? Opinion needed!

My youngest sister S. (she's 19) has been contacted by a Herbalife distributor and asked to participate in this distribution business. She's very excited about her prospects to earn big money, as she's just fresh out of school and doesn't work yet.

She's very determined to become one of Herbalife's distributors; I, however, got some reservations as I've heard that this business is, well, 'fishy', for lack of a better word. I told her to look up some impartial information about Herbalife and distribution business on the internet, but she said that this distributor guy who contacted her had told her enough, she's very convinced about her choice and that's all there is to it. I tried to look up information on Herbalife myself, but there was such controversial information overload that I gave up.

And now I'm asking for your opinion - perhaps you've got some personal experieces with Herbalife? What do I do? Should I try to talk her out of it? I'm just worried that my sister has no idea what she's getting into!

 P. S. All your comments will be highly appreciated, only I won't have time to answer them, as I've really got to work. Thanks in advance! :)

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I never tried it myself becuase I'm always careful about these "fishy" things (actually I don't thinkl I would want to work in sales for anyone) but yes, there are claims that their methods of marketing are not always 100% fair. There was a lawsuit in Canada against Herbalife marketers in 2004, and you can read about some people's negative experiences here. Herbalife always gave me the impression that have something to hide.

On the other hand, it could well be that if your sister is good in sales she could make a living from it. As I said, I never tried it myself. 

Sounds like your typical quasi-pyramid scheme, such as the old Amway/Quixtar trick.  I wouldn't trust them, as I've NEVER had a single good experience from any door-to-door type salesman (which is what they are, when you come down to it).  In their defense, if you've got that particular personality type that can get excited about anything, you could probably do pretty good with it.  However, it always feels to MOST people like you're selling lies.

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Hi Mia,


I would always be very very wary of any employer who contacted me rather than the other way around. Get your sister to ask herself why she thinks she is so perfect for the job that this company made contact with her, and ask her how they know she is so perfect for the job.

 Also, if this company is controversial or 'fishy' as you say and other people are aware of this then it may hinder her CV (resume) rather than improve it, and her time may be better spent looking for another job.

Hey Mia,

I have been in the MLM indusrty for several years, dont worry there is nothing 'fishy' to be worried about, yes the structures do look like pyrimids schemes but these are ilegal companies like Herbalife are not so your fine there. I would also point out Herbalife is listed on the New York Stock exchange and they dont allow dodgy companies to be floated! However Herbalife will take alot of work to make a success becuase it is a company already in its maturity stage so there are millions of people already involved. You and your sister would be better to get involved with a newer comapany. MLM has massive potencial and I would not deter anybody from getting involved. If you would like any more info on how to do this successfully or would like info on what I believe to be better opportunities feel free to contact me sam@123agel.com 

Good Luck



i am a herbalife independent distributor since last 7 years.

enjoying every bit of good health, financial success an most importantly

growing as a person with herbalife's personal development  trainings.


thumbs up for hbl.


great people.





no it a good thing im distributors on herbalife the way to go

   a lot of people don't like joining mlm company because of a reason that it is illegal or scam.but they haven't try to see whats really on it.pre judgment because of what they hear and what had happen.with out understanding that all businesses have problems in different way.in our every day life with out noticing we are doing networking.making friends.sharing.traditional businesses are networking also.theres nothing wrong being involve in that businesses just have to make sure that you are checking the company profile.if its at its best,is the product really works and with the supports of experts like doctors and if the earnings are achievable.e mail me.jynnysim@aol.com

just me

Bottom line is its up to you! Herbalife is 100% legal and ethical no question! A company can't run nearly 30 years if it wasn't.

Trouble is most educated people here in the USA have egos that cause them to feel silly when they earn income off a product they refer. These same people hang professional football and baseball stickers on their cars and homes as they are emotional about that sports team, even though they will never earn a penny from the advertising they display across America.

If you have a reason to do a business like Herbalife and you personally have a product result that you know is true, than all the emotional sports team people are just noise and won't affect you and your business.

If you are joining because someone told you its easy money or they will build your business for you than don't join! It will never happen. 90% of Herbalife distributors are discount product buyers and they are not trying to make profit. The emotional sports team people will point to that number and say 90% of distributors don't make money that is a flawed example. When you join COSTCO you expect a discount, not a profit.

Bottom line Herbalife works I quit my police job after working Herbalife 2 years part-time....I have a website that does over $100,000.00 per year in Herbalife retail sales, thats  not debatable!! I treat it like a business not a hobby.

Most join MLM's and treat it like a hobby. These peole work the business if their wife or husband let them...they attend training calls only if their wife or husband allow it. When they fail they blame the company or the economy or something they have no control over. People will never blame themselves.     

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