You helped me long ago with a computer you mind if i ask you another?

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Not a problem on the old AOL Boards, but here???

Even if anyone did answer your question (the one you haven't asked yet), I doubt you could find you way back here. In any case, the chances are it would be hijacked by some moronic, gutter-minded goon.

Old AOL Board member

Ask and you shall receive.  Wink

"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."

Hi Shudd, I respectifully disagree.  AOL seems to be deaf when we ask for their help.

Trollsbane, my specific question is:  Why does AOLanswers staff  allow their customers to be harassed?

Thanks for answering Trollsbane.  I understand that AOL wants to make money.  I don't mind that part. What I wish they would do is monitor the posts closer and block and even ban the ones like "Billy boy"    Why does it take years and people like you to monitor something as vile as most of those posts?   And why does AOL allow them to continue?  Can't they hire people to do a better job of monitoring.  The language and threats of rape and following people around and stealing their icon/logo names and posting as them should not be allowed to happen.  Not even once.  What is the real problem here?   Do they actually want/desire to have trash-talking people posting on this site?

Well Trollsbane, I, for one, am grateful for your help.  Truly.

Ask any computer questions you would like to.  It often helps if you include your Windows version and your AOL version, or whichever browser you use.  It always helps if you carefully copy an exact message.

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