Will you help me write my book ?

I'm looking for a english major/writer to help me pen my novel

Thank you

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Depends on how far along it is and how good the concept of the story is and what compensation you would offer.  Most people don't want to do that for a new writer who is unpublished, because so many books get rejection letters by publishers (for new writers).  

It's a worthwhile endeavor if you feel good about what you are writing, know the odds of getting rich on a first book and can handle the publisher rejection letter and have the time to invest in it (or will learn from it even if it does not get published).

Good luck.


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As a "Ghost Writer", you mean?   Yes, I'm able to do so.   Let's discuss this much more in depth first, however, before we agree on anything.  

I can be reached at: CFPWD@aol.com.   Thank you.


Mitchell J. Rappaport

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I advise you see if it is really worth it to get your book published for selling purposes or simply for personal uses. You might want to discuss this with family or friends before you get a ghost writer for no reason.

My name is Jack. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I would be happy to pen you nove. If interested you can call me at 267-343-7456

When you need me I'll be here

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