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I am pregnant with my second child. My son is 13. His father and I are divorced; it was a bad marriage and my son was rejected by his father. Since the divorce, his father fades in and out of his ...

I wouldn't punish your son.  At 13, when a mother appears pregnant, it is kind of strange.  By that age, they know the facts of how you became pregnant, and this is embarassing to some kids to admit their parents are having sex.  


What I would do is encourage your son to become excited about having having a new brother, as he might be looking at this pregnancy that he is being replaced by the baby and will be again abandoned now by you. 


Good luck.  Once the baby arrives and if he is actively involved in his growth and development, this will teach your son good parenting skills.  Relax.  More than likely he will love the baby...don't we all?



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