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Live alone..........how much help will I need after shoulder surgery?

I'm having shoulder surgery (slap tear) in two weeks. I live alone...although I'll have some help..........how soon will I be up and around and able to do simple tasks that are needed. i.e, feed my cats???

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I had a total replacement in jan 08

Took a while appx 4 weeks to even get moving and another 6-8 wks to move around .Could do simple things like bath  in about 3-4 weeks this can be tough just make sure you follow strict drs orders

Ask you doctor how long will you still be living with assistence. I believe that in a few weeks you will be able to live on your own like you used to.

In any case, visit reference websites for further information about your present condition (like http://www.surgery.com).

WIsh you all the luck!

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