Please help me make my daughter's dream come true

I gave up on my dreams years ago, when someone took them away.   I don't want my daughter Bella, to do the same.  Please help me help my daughter.  She dreams of being a  singer.  She's been singing since she was in diapers.  I just don't know where to begin to help her.  Please, if someone out there reads this, I need your advice.  We live in nj (union county).  I really believe she has what it takes.  Hoping to here from someone who cares, Angie (908)477-4531

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Bring your daughter to a voice teacher for a preliminary evaluation and for a suggestion how to continue. You could also contact the music department of a nearby university for advice.

People change their dreams all the time... make sure that this is something your daughter wants to do and not something that you want her to do because you didn't. As a side note, and I'm not a parent by the way, I would recommend that you reassure your daughter that whatever she wants to be or do you will support her all the way... it's important for a child to understand this so that one day their dream doesn't become a prison if they change their mind... by this I mean that if you fixate on her dream of singing, the idea of changing her mind will be affected because she won't want to hurt you with her decisions.

My final piece of advice may sound superficial, but it has proven itself as a method for being noticed. Upload videos of your daughter singing to:

This will give you and her and opportunity to broadcast her talent and provide you with good and bad critical feedback. If you're worried about the negative comments you can moderate them by deleting them or simply disabling the 'comment' feature on the video.

Reading back I can't believe how cynical I sound! In all honesty though, I hope her dreams do come true... and that you find a new dream that you can aspire to as well Smile

All the best and good luck for the future!

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