How do i ride a dick to please my man . i need ...

how do i ride a dick to please my man . i need ( details) please help me . he always pleases me . i would like 2 show him i can please him for oncee :)

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Here is some advice about giving him a good blow job.

It is important to know how to do it well.  If you perform it well, then you will take enjoyment from how much he is enjoying it and perhaps you will even learn how to enjoy doing it.

You need to start to stimulate him by licking and sucking on his penis and sometimes the testicles. The tip and the penile shaft  are highly sensitive, so many people like to spend time focusing on these. A male can be brought to orgasm if his partner encircles the penis with her mouth and creates an in and out motion. Teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, so the lips should be the main source of pressure on the penis. As the male gets more aroused, you can move the penis deeper into your throat or speed up the pace of the in and out motion. Once the he has reached orgasm, it is important to think about what to do when he ejaculates. He can either withdraw his penis or he can ejaculate into your mouth (if you do not want to swallow, you can have some tissues nearby to spit into). If he withdraws from your mouth, you can continue to stimulate the tip and the shaft of the penis from the side with either your hands or mouth. It should be noted that ejaculation could transmit STDs  such as the HIV virus, thus some people demand condom use when doing fellatio.

You can do some research on the internet for some more guidelines, to help you with technique.


I try to ride my man dick but to me it dont feel like im doing sonthing rite but he seems to like it  i just dont feel that great doing is so i dont a good blow job dose the trick

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