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Help! We need some advice about our daughter's anxiety. She is 6 years old. Whenever she starts something new (pre-school, kindergarten last fall, summer camp) she is anxious in the morning, crying ...

  I think AdviceMamma's reply is a good response.

The only thing I might also suggest is perhaps "Play school" at home with your daughter. Play out different typical daily activities that occur in school.

   One possible fear she my be having is not doing things right".  

I have found some children have high expectations of them selves.

They are afraid of giving "wrong" answers, completing activities that aren't up to "their".standards In other words, a perfectionist. 

  For this, time and confidence will need to be given with guiding hand.

I would also inform your daughter's teacher of her anxiety and discuss ways to help work through this.                  

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