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Can you help me with my 4 year old autistic son Myles' Petition for Free Autism Education in the Public School System

Can you help me with my 4 year old autistic son Myles' Petition My own 4 year old son has been diagnosed with autism and adhd , we have had numerous struggles already in Toronto from the Toronto School Board. We have attempted to have him enrolled in his home school in our district only to be sent to another school entirely. Outstanding circumstances have forced us to take our son out of Junior Kindergarten and now have him no longer in the Public School. System. This left us at a cross road, we began to research Private Autism schools in Toronto only to find that the tuition was out of this world. The average cost ranges from $4800 to over $125000 . How can a lower to middle class family afford to pay this and also live life as a family should. This needs to change it is also should be pointed out that is is a serious form of discrimination and exclusion , autism is a syndrome that is increasing in numbers every year we need to incorporate it into regular classrooms immediately. Even if your own child or children are not autistic, it is a basic human right to provide free education for everyone in the Public Education System. http://www.change.org/petitions/help-families-and-diagnosed-children-with-autism-receive-free-educationjavascript:mctmp(0);javascript:mctmp(0);

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