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Help! Want him back! It sucks to be without him.

Hey! I have been in a beautiful and smooth relationship with my ex for like one year. Actually i and the chap, we both belong to different religions which doesn't allow us to marry someone out of the religion. being aware of this fact that we are gonna face hell lot of problems on the marriage note, we still went on the flow. we tried many times before also to breakup but never succeeded. but one fine day, he said that we should split up keeping the circumstances in the head that we are never gonna be together as a married couple. After the final split up i approached him in many ways but nothing worked out. i stopped talking to him after breakup but finally i mailed him after 50 days and his reply was also very loving and nice. after that i called him and had a word with him. he removed me out of his Facebook profile cause' he says that watching my profile again and again will make him walk down the memory lane. He says he loves and i am still a part of his life but cause' of the future problems he doesn't want to come back to this relationship even though he knows that i am dying without him every moment. Please help me! I want him cause' surviving without him for me is not on the cards and being away from him kills me every mo. Thanks!

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I think you should be with him anyway it doesn't matter what your religion is run away together

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I'd say one or both of you need to change religions if you're serious about being together. It's YOUR life, no one else's business.

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion, guys! I highly appreciate it! I juts don't know how to convince him. Please suggest something on that note..

I thought you might ask that tell him if you love each other and you want to be together you should come with me and we can get away from all of this

a person should be as enthusiastic and dangerous as Legolas

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