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how to stop my 6 year old from stealing? it seems like everyday she stealing more an more.. It progressed to going in the fridge an stealing anything she can reach an now she taught my 3 year old how ...

Hi Stacey,  Gee, I am so sorry to hear about her father's influence on her.  She is only 6 now, so that poor little girl was being programmed to steal food by his actions.  Thank God he doesn't have access to her now or her little 3 year old brother.

P.Makin has given you an excellent idea.  I think you need to do something that will allow her to program herself into thinking that food is now and will always be readily available to her.  I could cry when I think of how she must have suffered from her father's treatment.  It will take patience and hard work on your part, but the love you feel for her will help you to do whatever needs to be done.  At some point, if you have not seen any  improvement, try to have a professional counselor involved.  Please hug your children for me and give yourself a big hug as well.  AOLanswers is here for you, if you need to talk to us more about the problem.  Just having someone to share our problems with is often a big help.  God Bless.

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thank you so much... she has actually improved a bit since i got full custody of her.. when she came to stay with me full time she would even drink out of the toliet because he would only give them a drink after each meal if he even gave them that.. so i mean she has come a long way... I just dont want this esculating when she is older an can have serious consequences.. she was diagnosed with ptsd adhd add insomia an a bunch of other things.. she does have a tss but they keep quitting an she gets a new one every couple of weeks



Please continue giving that poor little child all the love you can.  And, Stacey, if you are religious, pray every day for strength in this situation.  My heart is breaking just thinking of all this little girl has already gone through.  I am so happy she no longer has to try to deal with someone who does not love her and who chooses to abuse her.  Continue to take the best care of her and her little brother the best you can.  Children like this can improve with kind and loving caregivers, but it takes the patience of Job to stay firm, fair and consistent.  Best of Luck to all 3 of you.

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