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Help... sex and teens

my 15 teen year old is sexually active what do i do?

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If you haven't already, share your views on premarital sex and then leave it up to your teen to decide for himself/herself whether s/he is ready. Then make sure your teen knows about birth control and the proper way to use it every time (no pullout method).

You can't stop your teen from having sex but you can lessen the chances of becoming a grandparent soon.



You should tell him or her that is best not to have sex at such a young age because of the possible consequences emotional stress, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases that they are not ready to handle emotional or financially and that you won't pay for anything resulting from being so irresponsible as to being sexually active at this age.  Of course make sure they have protection if you think they are going to continue being sexually active.  You don't want a sick child or a teen pregnancy.

You should get him or her the book "Teen Life: Everything a Teen Should Know to Survive the Teen Years.  It helped my niece a lot.  I got if for her on Amazon.  They have chapters on Love, Teen Pregnancy and Sexuality and others that will help her make the right decisions.  Hope that helps :)

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