Discuss edicous's answer to: Was Hellen Keller homosexual?

Or whats refferd to in this day and age as lesbian? I understand she was a gay and peace activist. Rich men tried to have their way with her but her parents didn't care for men even being around ...

Lady E, its about as hard to find as the first hydrogen car. Invented in Germany in 1929. There both very hard to find but there both out there and gems to save somewhere if you can find them.


You could tell me more about her religion I never thought to look that up, I'd rather hear about that than all these christian fanatics that came out of the wood work, they would put vails on blind people because they have gay smiles if they had their way.


Give us a breath of fresh air Lady E tell us about her religion I would respect her either way.

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Melvin Whitcombe

Once again, atheists and their nonsequiturs are utterly pointless.  What does Hellen Keller have to do with hydrogen powered cars?  She was not involved in their development nor could she be licensed to drive because of her total blindness were she even alive today.


Atheists have some truly bizarre delusions, do they not?


Perhaps if Physicalist-Edicous could learn to think rationally he could rise above that absurd cult of atheist dogmatists he joined.  In any case, atheists make no meaningful contribution of information to AOL Answers, although they hope to add considerable inflammation.


What a pity that he has failed even at such a low and humble attempt!  Pardon my snicker!  Laughing

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Rocmike another lonely day posting under many aliases and using the word Atheist in every post.

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