Seriously speaking you will be living in the hell that Obama is going to make if he is re-elected and well you will deserve what you get AC.

Your going to be paying out the ying yang for your Obamacare cause 6 million people going to get taxed plus no Obamacare or insurance whatsoever.

You twerps.

Lady Darko

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People will be covered under obama. Romney and Ryan could care less about the children, elderly or the sick. They only care about lowering their taxes and the taxes of their rich buddies.

Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Helpful:

So far, the only ones that don't want Obama impeached are Dems.  There are three varieties of Dems.


50% are in the Klan.  It is a secret brotherhood of criminals that mostly live in prison any more.  That ain't got voting rights but if they did they would vote Democrat cause racists gotta support racists.


20% are Black Panthers.  They are the ones that stand around polling places with lead pipes threatening people.  They ain't changed a bit since 2008.  They got records, they can't vote, so why should they let any body else vote?  That gives 'em a great way to stuff the ballot box with phony ballots.


The other 30% are basic ignorant rednecks, dopers, flamers, hatemongers, leftists, and Granola Boys (Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes).


These greedy sellouts heard Obama promise them wads of tax money in exchange for their votes, their eyes went full of dollar signs and then they sold their souls for 30 pieces of Obama silver.


The thing is, they didn't stay sold.  When Obatso went back on all his phony promises he made lots and lots of real nasty enemies.  I don't know who they are voting for but it sure ain't gonna be for the guy that sold 'em out for 30 pieces of silver -- that they never got!

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting Marathon at 1.00 pm est with its aliases Ladydarko Billy Daniels, anonymous, Harley Spirit and Mike Dudley who is still posting at 5.30 am est. We have had over 15 hours of alias after alias repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers.


H. Spirit the saddest thing to me is even with the facts of Obamacare coming out they still believe.  When their mothers and fathers and family members are thrown into the streets like those in the Sanitariums when the states said we gotta clean house because we can not afford this anymore and they get the phone call to come get their family member they will understand.

However I am sure being as they are Dems if Obama re-elected they will be given the choice to accept them or put them to sleep with a quiet injection which I am sure most of them would accept rather than take any responsibility for the cost.

Keep the faith Harley I have it on good authority that the groundwork is laid for Impeachment and the score has been kept because everyone is well aware there is a chance this monster will be re-elected.

They lie outright including Obama and they show no shame and just as Washmymouthout Schultz said on the TV show "It doesn't matter and we will continue to do so."

One way or another the man is gone.  Lady Darko

Anonymous Comment

OMG are you far right extremists paranoid and believe the insane right wing scare tactics that the right wing Fox opinion news and hate radio feeds you nut jobs every day. You have it on good authority. You are nothing but a lonely sad pathetic racist right wing hate monger that wastes it whole life blogging every waking minute under all of your different aliases. You idiots can't just make things up. How is that fast and furious and birther crap doing for you paranoid nut jobs?

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