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Hebrew word for : Eat

hebrew word for "eat"

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Hello the translation to the word "eat" in Hebrew depends how you use the verb. if it is "I eat"- the translation is אוכל
if it is "eat!"- the translation is אכול
if it is "we eat"- the translation is אוכלים
there are more conjugations but I think you get the idea- at any rate the root of the word is א.כ.ל
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Hi, ------------ Israel gave you an excellent answer (2 thumbs up). The way to read it is: אוכל = O-jel אכול = E-jol אוכלים = O-j-lim (in all those the J is pronounced like in Spanish - e,g: Juan, Julio etc). ------ Best regards,

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To eat is le'ekhol לֶאֱכוֹל


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