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My dyna glo kerosene heater will not light. i have no owners manual. hepl please. model-RMC 95-C6

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Why won't my kerosene heater light?

Is this the first time lighting the heater? If so, then you need to make sure the heater has been filled with good K-1 kerosene, and that the wick has been allowed to soak in the lowered position for 60 minutes in a full tank of fuel. This insures the wick is completely saturated with kerosene. Then raise the wick to the “high” position.
When you push the “ignite” button you should see the igniter move into position to light the kerosene vapor above the top of the wick surface. The igniter should be glowing a bright orange.
The igniter should come into position right to the top surface of the wick but not touching the wick. If the igniter goes into the side of the wick it will not light – only the kerosene vapors just above the top surface of the wick will light. You may have to lower the wick adjuster mechanism a bit to make sure that the igniter is coming into contact correctly. If the igniter isn’t glowing check the batteries. They may need to be replaced or the igniter filament may be broken. If the batteries need to be replaced use only regular duty non-alkaline replacement batteries. Alkaline batteries deliver too strong an initial jolt and may blow the igniter).

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