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Heart chambers at 20 week Ultrasound

I just had my 20 week ultrasound and I got a call today from the doctor saying I have to come back next week. They were unable to see the chambers of the baby's heart. They said it was completely normal but I can't help but worry. Has anyone had this experience?

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Here is an ultrasound image  of a 20 week old unborn child.

I am guessing here, but at this small scale, I do not think it would be unusual.

The absence of visualization should not be a problem. If the heart was not there, neither would your child be.

I wish you well. Hopefully, someone who has gone thru this will post here.



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I had an ultra sound at 18 weeks and they told me the same thing. I go back in monday for my follow up ultrasound. have you had your follow up yet? How did it go?

I have my follow up Wednesday.  still really nervous.  Please let me know how yours goes.  Praying for you.

Well I was supposed to have my ultrasound today but the ultrasound lady has a kid at home sick so they had to reschedule. I go back on friday. so let me know how yours goes.

K, i will let you know.  That's a bummer for you though.  I will keep praying.  Thank you for your help.

How did your ultrasound go?

Hey, sorry, I deleted my e-mails and couldn't find the site i was talking to you on.  My ultrasound went pretty good.  They said they just needed a clearer pic of the baby's heart.  She wasn't moving very much this time so it was a little difficult but she said that she got enough pictures.  I haven't heard from the doctors yet. 

How did yours go????  I have been praying for you.

Thanks for the prayers. Mine went great. Everything was fine. She got a lot better pics this time. I found out it's a boy :) My last ultrasound he wasn't moving much either so she told me to eat something right before I came in. I just had a snack in the car on the way there and he was moving and kicking all over the place. Will be saying a prayer for you too. Hope all is well. I'm sure it's fine. Let me know.

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