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Have you ever heard of Alpha Lipoic Acid causing a loss of vision?

I have tried Alpha Lipoic acid supplements several times for UNKNOWN- Neuropathy. ( I have NO signs of pre- or current  Diabetes in my blood tests.) No matter were I  buy my ALA, or what type of ALA I buy, after I take it for a short time, I start to have a loss of my vision. Even the Huge two foot  tall  speed signs next to the highway that read, " Speed Limit 50 (MPH) ". become very blurry. If I stop taking the ALA this allergy goes away. If I manage to take ALA long enough my Unknown Neuropathy gets much better. I have tried supplements of  both regular  ALA from a Health Food Store, and the newer R+ types. I have even invested in Geronva Researches NEW R-Lipoic Acid with  R-Dihydrolipoic Bio enhansed acid,  to the tune of over $700.00 for a years supply. All of these types of ALA soon give me blurry vision. If I stop taking the ALA, my clear vision returns in slightly over  two days.  In the meanwile my Neuropathy gets ever worse with out ALA. Have you any suggestions for me?

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