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My 90 year old mother is in massive pain. She has Sacrolitis Osteoartrosis, 2 small fracture vertebrae. It is hard to see her like that, she gets sedated every night ( pain killer ? )...but the doctor ...

Hi Bram59,

My Mom too, suffered from her 70's to 80's, when she died, from 22 fractures in her back. She was in so much pain for the last few years and they put her on Loratab, every 4 hrs., but it didn't hardly help at all. I along with her doctors wanted to put her on a implant that dripped morphine slowly, or as she thought she needed it, into her body to relieve her of pain. This was something new 10 yrs. ago and she was scared to do it, so she suffered so much and I don't want to see this happen to your Mom. My Mom to had Osteoarthritis, lung problems, you name it and she had it, all caused from smoking at an early age. She definitely needs to see a pain management doctor, especially due to her age. They might recommend something entirely different, but don't let her suffer, this is no way for her to find some peace in the twilight of her life. I also suffer from pain, due to pain in my back of the kind you mentioned and I'm under the care of a good pain management doctor, so do your research and find recommendations from doctors you respect, they will lead you to the good ones. They will have to be careful with her, unless she's in a wheelchair, as the sedation of pain meds, can make her drowsy and she could fall. Thats why you need a good doctor to treat her. 

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