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What makes a woman's ankles, feet, and hands swell ...

What makes a woman's ankles, feet, and hands swell? I went to see a Dr. about this and he says it is GRAVITY causings this and I know better than this so until I can get to see another Dr. does anyone know why my ankles, feet, and hands are staying swelled all the time? I'm NOT pregnant so it's not from that. It is mainly my ankles and feet and I have had them propped up ALL day and they are still swelled and beginning to hurt a little. If anyone can tell me what may be causing this I would love to hear from you. All have a great evening :)

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Hi Terri , There are several things that could be causing the swelling , Edema ( water retention) certain medications , and or heart issues .  Some serious , some not .  I don't know when your doctors apppointment is but since you are starting to also have pain associated with this , I would see a doctor as soon as possible .  Let us know what you find out and good luck .

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Avoid salty and processed foods. Too much salt causes your body to retain fluid.

Celery is said to be a natural diuretic (helps remove fluid from the body)

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