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When your having sex with your woman how can u tell she's cheating on you?

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There is no way to know !.
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Love is the battery of life....

i suppose you could ask her

I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

First of all not to sound hursh but..... what makes you think thats she is cheating on you?? and why do you think this only when you guys are making love??? if you do not trust the person then you mite as well not be with them because in the long run the whole trust issue is going to destroy!! your relationship. I have been cheated on before and if you have.. (and this is most likely why your asking this question) you got to stop living in the past because if you do this instead of moving forward you may ruin the best thing that you ever had... So my advice is Chill out and stop questing her and enjoy her company and love good luck x

let me ask you, when your woman is having sex with you, how can she tell that you've cheated?

Money mouth

If you think that your woman is cheating on you and it bothers you enough to ask other people why are you still sleeping with her? I think that if you are looking to keep the relationship you should find a way to ask her without pinning her in a corner . I say this because if for some reason she has truthfully not cheated on you and you pin her in a corner with assumptions you could risk losing her all together. There is no physical way to tell if a person has cheated on you through sex , but you can tell through questions and the way they respond.

Buy a kit called Checkmate, pull a pair of her panties out that you know she didn't wear while scrogging you and check them for the presence of semen.  Positive, she's a cheater, negative, check another pair.

This all depends on how well you know "your woman" If you truly know her..meaning her "inner" lining, there you can answer your own question.

If you do NOT know "all" of her, learn. Make a mental note of every square inch of her.

If she acts differently in bed, you need to talk with her, find out why or what is bothering her. You can usually get the answer by reading between the answers.

Looking at love is not an easy process, as one must look at all of the relationships in their lives, both past and present, in order to understand current conceptions, patterns and expectations.

A woman that's cheating on you would probably not want to be having sex with you. There's a repulsive factor involved when some women seek out other men.Unless you are very wealthy and she needs you to take care of her needs, she is probably not cheating on you.Or she's a "Skank" but I doubt even a skank can hide her true feelings in bed. There's NO way to find out if a woman is cheating on you by making love to her, unless she starts calling you by another name.

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