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Is celery, which is high in natural sodium, good or bad for high blood pressure

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Celery is supposed to be good for circulation and the heart and high bp.  It should be taken with caution, however, and supplements shouldnt be taken on a daily basis.  Please ask more if you want more details.  Take care.

what supplements shouldnt be taken on a daily basis

i was asking about eating celery not a celery supplement, were you talking about all supplements of all kinds?

No I wasn't, most supplements can be taken daily.  The difference is that the celery seed supplement doesn't have sodium.  It is beneficial for the heart and blood pressure.  I do not know how much sodium is in celery the food.  I do know that the body only needs about 500 mg of sodium daily and for people with high blood pressure sodium should be eliminated from the diet as much as possible.  If the celery has less than a few hundred milligrams of sodium per serving than I would say it was fine to eat every now and then and the benefits of the celery for the heart would outweigh the sodium levels.  If, however, celery has 400 or more mg of sodium per serving I would not advise eating it in order to improve your bp unless you take a diuretic.  A few supplements that should not be taken on a daily basis are licorice, ginseng, kava kava, hops, skullcap, more than 100mg of Vitamin B6 daily, Vitamin A, and definitely not goldenseal.  Some supplements, such as skullcap and kava kava which can be potentially bad for your liver if taken for too long, are wise to take with milk thistle, which is a very powerful supplement that anyone can take daily to protect the liver and help regeneration.  I would advice taking milk thistle if you take daily meds or supplements or eat processed foods.  In very large dosages milk thistle is used in hospitals to treat cirrhosis. If you would like a better answer to your question you can tell me the supplements you take and I can tell you how often to take them or in what quantity.  Right now I don't have time to look over every supplement there is to see which ones can't be taken on a regular basis, but some can be taken daily while others cannot.  Most of the supplements that shouldn't be taken daily will have some type of caution or warning on them.  Please ask about any specific supplement as I have the PDR for supplements, foods, drugs, interactions, and other reasources available to me through medical journals and some health care professionals I know.  Take care.



P.S.  The most researched foods that have proven to be good for blood pressure and circulation are garlic (can be taken as supplement), fish oil (especially EPA, and DHA), and Co Q 10.  The amino acid taurine can lower bp.  The best diet to lower bp is tons of fruits and vegetables, very little processed foods and animals fats, almonds, nuts, unsaturated fats, and whole grains like brown rice, wheat bran, oatmeal, etc.  Exercise is the most beneficial for preventing heart disease.

is celery, which is high in natural sodium, good or bad for high blood pressure

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