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Why do i love to chew ice? i am almost addicted to it. i prefer the crushed not cubed.

why do i love to chew ice?  i am almost addicted to it.  i prefer the crushed not cubed.

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Maybe you like the crunch and cold. Eating ice can also signal a low iron level. I would ask my doc about this, even though it's not harmful to eat ice and you enjoy it.

Maybe it's just an oral fetish.


I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.

I can understand you. I love the texture of ice and even though I can't afford to chew it because of my sensitive teeth I wish I could.

I have had the whole ice eating issue before but I was pregnant at the time . For people who arent pregnant and children eating ice constantly can be a sign of iron deficiency.I would consult a doc about the issue and try to at the very least not eay ice cubes maybe try crushed ice or like slushie ice . Ice is actually horrible for your teath , because teeth are basically bone the constant cold and harsh crunching can break them . I know from experience. I personally tried to stop eating ice but couldn't so I decided to buy the bags of ice from sonic because it wasn't as harsh to chew. I am not telling you to buy the ice from sonic I am just offering a better alternative.

im obsessssseddd with chewing icee! im pretty addictted myself. i never knew whyy but it turns out the doctor said  i had low iron and wass anemic.

Many years ago I ate ice so often that I could hardly wait for it to freeze enough to be "crunchy" I do believe that I had an iron deficiency as females can if they do not take vitamins{with iron) supplements. If you feel addicted to it your body is trying to tell you something because it needing or craving something that is low in your system.

according to http://www.dietitian.com/iron.html  it is because your body might be telling you that you need iron .. i have the same problem=/

i looooove to chew ice- and my sister cant stand it. i just cant help it... its like somone thats addicted to ciggarettes or drugs. i just cant quit!

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