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What happened to the 50s scandal related to Dinah Shore's mixed race baby?

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There was a nonsense rumor that Dinah Shore's first baby was black and that she sued her mother for not telling her that she was partly black.

A person claiming to be Dinah's sister, Bessie's, grandchild (did say if they was male or female) posted some facts (at http://christianblogs.christianet.com/1139148360.htm) which make clear how silly this rumor was.  Dinah's real name was "Stein" (her parents name), and her parents were immigrants from Russia.  Apparently her mother died when Dinah was 16 years old, so suing her after her first baby was born would have been kind of pointless since she was long dead at that time.

Dinah loved kids, and was very liberal for her time.  It may have been that someone was trying to damage her reputation with this "ugly" rumor, but let's crush another rumor that seems to be starting recently which relates to her golf tournament in Palm Springs.  Because the golf tournament is for the Ladies Professional Golf Association players, it became a gathering place for lesbians as "Lesbian Spring Break".  I have no idea how many lady golfers are lesbians, but those rumors have been around for a long time.  Dinah, however, was not, to the best of my knowledge a lesbian.  She was interested in promoting greater equality for women in the sports world, which is why she lent her name to the tournament in the first place.


Stafford "Doc" Williamson


i remember when Dinah Shore introduced her black father on her television show.

my daughter has a north-american 'NATIVE' (part-ojibway) dad (burt reynolds is part-cherokee).  **I** get the same story about ME.

when and where my dad grew up over 'ome, they used ta check out the national geographic in the library, 10 years old, ta see all the topless (african) 'NATIVES'.   'natives'/the 'natives' over there means the topless AFRICAN ones.       

also:  north-american 'indians' are NOT the same thing as INDIA or even SOUTH-AFRICAN 'indians' when you're talking about INDIANS .

multicult tower of babel . 

The rumor about Ms. Shore was around when I was a kid (long ago).  It was said she had black heritage.  If you look at her pictures you can see some black features.  It was said George divorced her over the fact.  Actually, who cares!!!  She was a great lady and what a voice.  Rest In Peace Lovely Lady!  JudInnocent

Her parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia

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